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For You Marketing offers a range of Food Product Powders that are 100% organic/natural/pure. We believe that health doesn’t necessarily sacrifice taste. All of our powders are free of additives, flavouring and colouring.

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Starting from 2021, For You Marketing begins to sell our Food Grade Powders to business partners as base ingredients for further blending and packing. Our business partners may use the powders in food, bakery, beverage and other applications.

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Our Brand - Glucon

High Calcium & Iodine

High Calcium & Iodine

keep bone and teeth strong, increase bone desinty and prevent osteoporosi

High Dietary Fiber

High Dietary Fiber with pre +pro-biotic

Imporve digestion and prevent constipation

High Protein

High Protein
Aid in muscle building and improve body composition

Contain DHA and Lutein

Contain DHA and Lutein
Vital for brain and vision development and health

Contain Human Milk oligosaccharide (2'-FL)

Contain Human Milk oligosaccharide (2'-FL)
Promotes healthy gut and contributes to a stronger immune system

Item High Vitamin A, D, B2, and B12

High Vitamin A, D, B2, and B12
Essential for overal metabolic health

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