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Ultra-thin Panty Liners

Why do you need Foryou Napkin?
Foryou sanitary napkin is produced as a result of continued research by the biochemistry and medical doctors and specialists. The natural mineral elements (such as nano silver, far infrared ceramic powder, negative ions, etc.) and a variety of natural herbal extract are being used as the additive compound on a sanity napkin. As a trustworthy and responsible manufacturer, Foryou sanitary napkin of the highest quality is being produced to enhance the women life quality.

Non-woven fiber cottony soft cover
– Special non-woven fiber enhances softness and freshness.
– Reduce discomfort during menstruation
– No friction on your delicate skin

High absorbency middle layer
– Super absorbent polymer keeps surface dry and avoid leakage, no re-wet problem due to pressure
– The surface no longer sticky, no more embarrassment of leakage.

Ultra transpiring bottom layer
– Transpiring bottom layer dissipates heat and moisture.
– Keep dry and fresh feeling

Anti-leakage side guard
– Embossed to trap fluid firmly in the pad and direct it into the absorbent core

Intimate care from the unique function:
Far Infrared
– The wavelength between 8-14 um is also known as biogenetic rays. The human body will emit and absorb the same wavelength, so it can resonate with the human body to restore the body’s natural energy.
– To promote blood vessels dilation, enhance blood circulation, remove blood deposit sediments
– Promote metabolism, activate cells, contribute to more active physiological functions.

Minus ion
– Neutralize the oxidized materials, restore, synthesize and recover damage caused by positive ions.
– Regular mechanism, soothe menstrual discomfort
– Eliminate fatigue

Nano Silver
– Blood is rich in nutrients.
– Eliminate bad odor, itching and rash problem
– Natural mineral elements, contain no allergic elements, exert no drug resistance.

Natural herbal essence
– Made of a various type of herb extracts, including Cnidium Monnieri, Curcuma Zedoaria, Borneol, Menthol, Polygonum Multiflorum, pure natural essential oil etc.
– Cooling, relieve menstrual pain and bloating
– Counterirritant