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Night use / heavy use napkin


Good Night’s Sleep
Quantity: 8 Pads / pkt
Length: 28.0 cm
Type: Wing
Usage: Regular Flow to Heavy Flow
Thickness: Ultra Slim (1 mm)

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Foryou sanitary napkin is introducing advanced new technology. A combination of multifunctional strip including anion, far infrared, nano silver, and magnetism. It is a quality product designed for women with unique features and structure to enhance the women life quality.

Why choose Foryou sanitary napkin?

  1. Thinner ➡ 0.1 cm thin, makes you totally zero touch, forget it’s the physiological period!
  2. High Absorption ➡️ 3 times more than the average market lock hydro, it is definitely not leaking!
  3. More Breathable ➡ no longer sultry, every moment is fresh and fragrant!
  4. Cooler and Comfortable ➡ Red dot or itchy no longer entangled, say goodbye to sensitive!
  5. Healthier ➡ 99.9 % Anti-bacteria, inhibit bacteria growth, stay away from Gynecology disease!


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