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Why do you need A’Protein?
This product IS combines the goodness of soy protein with carrot and pumpkin. Protein powders in the market usually need to be taken with other drinks or fruit juice as it is tasteless. It can be consumed without mix with other drinks as it is enhanced with carrot and pumpkin. Besides that, it helps to reduce cholesterol and repair body tissue as well as important for growth and development. A’Protein is your ultimate choice for a greater health.

How A’Protein helps you?

Increase satiety
Protein leaves the stomach slower than carbohydrate or fat. It slow down gastric emptying and feeling of starvation. Filling full after meal for a longer time can suppress the desire to consume other food.

Provide energy
Protein provides energy to the body. More energy needed to digest protein as compared to carbohydrate and fat. Thus it can slow down stomach emptying and prolong satiety. This can explain why protein always used in meal replacement.

Boost metabolism
Enzyme is a type of protein. It plays a vital role in the digestive system. Consuming adequate amount of protein can ensure digestion, absorption and excretion function well, thus improve digestive system.

Boost system
Protein contains complete amino acid that used to synthesis antibodies.

Lower cholesterol level
Soy protein reduces the absorption of cholesterol and increased the secretion of bile acid.

Suitable for:

  1. Those who wish to improve body constitution as well as enhance and resume health
  2. Those who easily get tired
  3. Those who want to control their weight
  4. Those who feel hungry easily
  5. Those who have less exercise
  6. Elderly who start to feel less energetic

Soy Protein, Organic Soy, Carrot, Pumpkin, Vanilla.


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